45. What type are you?

28 Nov

My favorite design firm Pentagram asked this question. No, they are not talking about dating characteristics, but typefaces. I have already listed favorite typefaces, but Pentagram went a bit further and developed a series of questions to help you determine what typeface represents you.


It is interesting to think about the choices you make in design dictate something about your character and personality. So why did Pentagram create such an application?

“…we wanted people to understand that meaning properly and use it more consciously. Hence our application, What Type Are You? Researched over seven years with a team of 23 academics across Eastern Europe, What Type Are You? asks the four key character questions of our day, analyzes responses in exceptional detail and recommends one of 16 typefaces as a result.” (AIGA Design Archives)

The questions are: Are you emotional or rational? Are you understated or assertive? Are you traditional or progressive? Are you relaxed or disciplined?

I got Archer hairline, which I love. The test revealed the sudden surprises and outbursts that are only seen upon further examination. Interesting. Check out this lovely typography test here.


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