44. Creating a Portfolio Website

28 Nov

Ahh senior year, time to kick back and relax. Okay, not so much. As someone who aspires to work in the creative field how do you show the world how you think and what you do? A portfolio. Previously a printed body of your work, now in digital form through personal websites.

I am currently in the process of creating this website… http://www.reneealvarado.com. It is still in the works as I am constantly thinking about how to show people what I think and why I think it. I live in a family of engineers and scientists. When I tell my parents or brother what I am trying to accomplish through my website, they are surprised at how detailed I get in my description of work or skills. To them, simply listing where they attended school, and what positions they had is enough. But to be someone in a creative field, it is a whole different ball game.

I found this very interesting and helpful article called Building Your First Professional Portfolio on Design Schack. Definitely worth while read if you are placed in the position that I am. Here is what I learned:
Directly say who you are. This goes beyond your name and transcends into your skills and passions. Their example was “I’m Sean and I design websites”.

Make your work easy to navigate. If you are trying to get a job, the most important thing on a portfolio website is your work. It should be easy to find, see, and understand.

This seems simple but make your resume readable. I struggle with this. I often think that because I like design and typography, I should show that in a resume. But this is distracting and takes away from the point of a resume. Impress with your accomplishments.

I also enjoy looking at portfolio websites that have a section that shows process. I think sketches and mind maps cans show your creativity and the way you think. The difficult part is how to do this in a manner that still maintains professionalism. I will keep my advice, and the advice of others in mind as I continue my website!


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