Art Directors Club Young Guns

23 Nov

Here’s some daily inspiration. If you don’t know, the Art Directors Club chooses 50 creatives under the age of thirty as their ‘young guns’. These are budding creative stars in photography, illustration, advertising, design, fashion, film…basically anything and everything creative.

Currently I am in the process of creating a portfolio website. I am also working on building and improving my work to put into this website, so it is quite the big process. Looking through some of the Young Gun recipients gave me some insight and inspiration on what I like looking at in portfolio websites, and what pieces tell a lot about a person. I was inspired and driven to make my stuff tell more about me, and to give my website more of a voice because of this. I thought I would share some of the winners, their work, and why I think they are wonderful and inspirational.

This is Steve Peck’s portfolio website. He has quite the impressive resume with an internship at Crispin, and now works for BBH. Aside from the work, I love the way it is laid out. Simple. Clean.


Here is some work from Jennifer Daniel. Her work is hilarious and definitely lets you get to know who she is and what she values. She has a funny infographic about a day in the life of someone unemployed, I highly recommend looking into it. Her about me is written in part lorem ipsum, part recognizable speech, and the bottom of the page says, ‘ A rabbi, a priest, and the Pope walk into a bar. The bartender says, “What is this? Some sort of joke?”‘ You can tell who she is and that she enjoys what she is doing. I think it is great to be able to show who you are in a creative portfolio website. Anyone can have a personal website, but a creative person should show this beyond displaying their work.

This is Nathaniel Lawlor’s portfolio website. He is a writer for Goodby. I am not a writer, but I sometimes try, and I think it is important to think about how a writer should go about presenting their work. I love looking at someone’s process. It give me a deeper understanding of how they think and why they did what they did. Creatives should show their process, it is unique and fascinating, messy, organic. Nathaniel did a fabulous job showing this work and process by designating a link titled ‘illustrations’.

Awesome inspiration and work from young creatives. Back to my work.


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