“It is scary as hell to work with someone else”

22 Nov

I recently had a group project for an advertising class. It is always interesting being placed in group projects for school because the groups are typically random, and end up with a mix of work styles. There is always one person who takes the lead and a few people who do absolutely nothing. This project was different in the fact that we chose our own groups. I was with two other designs who have similar interests and we all get along. This could have gone either way as far as group dynamics, and it turned out great. We were able to bounce ideas off each other and discuss problems and obstacles that arose in them. The end product turned out better than it would have had we done it alone. This got me thinking about all of the benefits of collaboration.

This is a video from The 99%, which is a think tank of the Behance network. Named after Thomas Edison’s quote, “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration” and founded by Ji Lee, author of Making Ideas Happen.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/16979026%5D

Husband and wife team Masamichi Udaagawa and Sigli Moeslinger, founders of Antenna Design New York Inc. discuss why collaboration is important and how to make is successful. Here are some main points:

*It has to come from a need, seeking a complimentary skill

*A complimentary skill doesn’t make a partnership work, there most be compatibility

*Need to align values and goals

*Have a mutual respect

*A good friendship doesn’t mean it will make a good working partnership

*Talk about expectations upfront, before the work starts

*Disagreement is important because it provokes discussion and leads to a better outcome

*Partners allow conversation to be a need to advance ideas

*Another person gives your idea perspective

Antenna Design strives to encourage collaboration in the workplace. The couple designed furniture for the office with board room length tables and open rooms. I think this is a trend that many creative businesses are starting to get involved with.


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