21 Nov

I am a sucker for great product design. For some reason if I see a brand that has beautiful product design, I transcend this to every other aspect of the brand. For example, Target has some well-designed brands in their store like Method soap. The soap is no different, I simply buy it for the bottle. I know this is superficial, but I think a lot of consumers judge a brand by the packaging. Here are some packaging examples that have caught my eye. They range from interesting, to artistic, to brilliant. Take a look.

This may look like boring food packaging, but look closer. It is actually t-shirts that are packaged to look like food. It is from an Asian design company called  Prompt Design.Their website was a little confusing so I could not find out the reasoning behind this packaging, but I am sure that it caught a lot of people’s eyes. When doing packaging like this I think it is important to align it with the brand values. This was probably for a unique and non-traditional t-shirt company. This would not fit for say a Gap or Abercrombie.

These are from Francis Ford Coppola Winer.

I love these wine bottles. I also love Francis Ford Coppola and had no idea that he owned a winery. The reason for the bottles aligns with the brand in that everything should provide a unique experience (according to their website). The wine could taste like Kool-aid and I would still buy it because I think these bottles are so interesting and cool.

I think this stuff is brilliant. It is designed by Helms Workshop in Austin Texas and is made for Frank. The tag line is “purveyors of pork”–great. Their signage above also has brilliant copy. “It seems to me that some people want champagne and caviar when they should have a beer and hot dogs.” “If you ask me a hot dog at a ball park is better than a steak at the Ritz.” The cups, also clever.

This is more an example of great integrated branding than just package design, but that is what I think package design should be a part of. Simple product design can not carry a brand, but if signage and decor coincides with the product design and accurately portrays the brand; it is brilliant. The personality of the restaurant are captured by the design work and the copy. Helms kept with the simple design aesthetic to meet the hipsters, bikers, local celebrities, and lovers of hot dogs that come to the restaurant.

“Sausage is not a modest food, and the brand collateral reflects its pride and majesty. Our goal was not just to create a celebration of food, but to also build a culture and community.” -Helms Workshop


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