The Graphics of Information

19 Nov

I never really thought about infographics until I worked at a Portland Monthly magazine. There, it was far more economical to create an illustration to illustrate a concept than to take a picture. Often, it was easier and made more sense to explain something with a picture. A lot of the time when I was working, the designers and I would brainstorm about what would be the best way to illustrate a point. In fact, my first day of work was spent researching and illustrating a hiking trail map. Although a map is the most simply kind of infograhic, it still is considered one. Infographics are praised by writers for providing information in a visually pleasing way, that is also compact and conveys the knowledge quickly

Here are a couple examples of infographics that I like. A great source is Good magazine (I posted a few below), but almost every publication uses infographics. Anywhere from the New York Times, to Cosmo. It is a fun design exercise to think of what the content is saying, and coming up with a creative infographic to portray the same information.

This is from Good magazine. Althought it about credit and mortgage rates, not too interesting, it does it in a simple way. That is what I love about infographics. The take a complex and boring concept and turn it into something understandable and visually pleasing.


Also from Good. It’s about Portland (my hometown) so that is why I like it. I also love mixing photos with illustration, I think it creates a cool contrast.

From information is beautiful. Great site, definitely check it out.

And this one is a typographic infographic from Wall Stats. This is about the evolution from slavery to the election of an African-American president. Nearly four-hundred-years. Wow. Although this is more information than graphic, it takes 400 years of history and presents it in a concise manner that illustrates the point. Cool stuff.


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