17 Nov

Let me start off this post saying I do not like chocolate. In fact, I hate it. I always feel singled out because of it, like it’s the equivalent to not like puppies, or babies, or sunshine. I just simply do not like it. The reason I am saying this is because I DO love this campaign for Sugar in the Raw by Mother New York. They tell stories about chocolate, so while I can not relate to baking brownies specifically when angry about a cheating ex-boyfriend; I can still definitely relate. Their audience is obviously women, and the whole concept is around the stories that lead to sugary products (way more interesting). It is brilliant, humorous, and interactive. I just hope people take the time to read them.

The ads are in a series of give. The first is my favorite, for ironically brownies (chocolate).

“Count the years you dated. If it exceeds 5, double the recipe…In a bowl: 1/2 cup unsalted butter. Not margarine, butter. Diet starts tomorrow…Let them cool for ten, then devour that pan of chocolaty goodness, girlfriend. Uh, we mean friend.”

The next ad is for apple cider. My favorite line, “…and find that fancy schmancy pitcher. The one in the pantry? Top shelf? Still in the box? Tada.”

Okay last favorite line, the chocolate chip cookie ad, “Add 1 1/2 cup flour. Yeah. The white stuff. A little bit won’t hurt.”

I guess you could read those yourself, but I just thought I would share the highlights. Here is what Mother had to say about the campaign:

“We wanted to do a different take on recipe ads by incorporating human truths and how the product and food in general play a role in daily situations,” said Bobby Hershfield and Michael Ian Kaye, creative directors at Mother. (source)

Media Bistro did not have kind things to say about the campaign, nor did many visitors to the site. Their response was studenty work, too much copy, not clever, and so on. To this, I agree that the copy could have been styled a little differently. It does not look like a recipe and that is what it is. Also, I think the ad would be completely transformed visually with a white or other light solid color background, and a different main copy typeface. On the content side of the copy, I think it is smart and funny, and something different. The realness of the copy is something that a reader can relate to. It is the stories around WHY someone would use sugar in the raw that makes the product interesting and creates a relationship between the consumer and the brand.






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