Logo Design Love

14 Nov

This is next on my list of things to buy. Logo design love is a book written by Irish graphic designed David Airey. He discussed his work with clients, as well as other designers and how they came up with some of the biggest brands today. Airey already has a successful and fascinating blog at http://www.logodesignlove.com. A great little bonus is he is previewing a chapter of his book here. Download the PDF, it is insightful, brilliant, and yes, free. Here are some things that I thought I would share from the chapter preview:

The chapter is titled ‘From Pencil to PDF’ showing the process and sketches.

“To be a good designer, you must be curious about life; the strongest ideas are born from the experiences we have and the knowledge we gain from them. The more we see and the more we know, the more ammunition we can stockpile for generating ideas.”

The first step in creating an identity, mind mapping. He suggests taking one main word from a creative brief, and branch out with other words. He then highlights words that he can take and develop into a concept in the next stage of sketching.

The next thing he says could have come out of my college advertising professor’s mouth, use a sketchpad because it is more creative and fluid and provides you with a ‘conceptual playground’

After mapping, skteching, THEN getting on the computer, here is the final result:

The final logo represents what the organization stands for of worship, welcome, transformation, outreach, and of course the cross.

Other advice, leave the color until the last because it is an easy thing to change and usually not the most important. He also suggests to show your logo to you client in the context of which it will appear. Say you are making a sign for a truck, show it to them on a truck. You want to SELL your creative idea. Designers are also given jobs because they are more creative. It is important to present your ideas with the mindset that these are people who do not visualize things as easily. Great stuff, I wish I would have read this a few months ago.



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