Lego Ideas

14 Nov

I was recently faced with the opportunity to apply for a multi-cultural internship program. It was a fabulous opportunity to get paid to intern at various advertising agencies across the U.S. Unfortunately for me, life got in the way. I am currently designing at the University of Oregon newspaper the Daily Emerald, working on stuff for Allen Hall Advertising (a student-run agency at U of O), and going to school. It was my intention to complete the internship application and I am kicking myself for not. If only there were a few more hours in the day. And I also did not need sleep.

The internship application was to create a campaign for Legos. The brief stated that Legos needed a way to compete with technology and video games that have taken away some of their popularity. When I read this brief I was stumped. I did not play with Legos ever. I mainly created businesses (seriously) like restaurants or grocery stores and I would create signs throughout my house and have promotions. Anyways, back to Legos. I have an older brother and HE played with Legos. One time, I was about five years old, I went into his room to find something cool to play with. There were Legos all over the floor and I couldn’t see any obvious arrangement of them, but apparently there was. I moved the Legos and my brother was furious. I had ruined the world that he had created.

This leads to my idea that I would have done for my application. Legos allow a kid to imagine their own world. It would be a beautiful print campaign that would give unique insight to each child’s mind. Take a boy, lets say his name is Michael. Michael’s Lego world could show him as a king, and girls secluded on an island, and dragons replacing cars. The type would be ‘World imaged by Michael, created by Legos’. For outdoor advertising, a building in Times Square New York would have an ad to make it looked like it was built of Legos. The main focus of the campaign would be sparking imagination, something that will never go away regardless of technology.

Here is what Pereira & O’Dell did for Lego. I think this short film is great and I love the use of stop motion. Along with this viral video, they created an iPhone app that would make photos look like they were made of Legos. Also a Lego light bulb in the Smithsonian Museum.


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