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14 Nov

I found these lovely infographic on Logo Design Love.  It was created by David Drier of DBD International, and he used this for his work on Botanical Bakery.


old logo

“In our initial discussions, one thing stood out: the client producing these premium artisan delicacies was spunky and adventurous in direct contrast to these “proper” cookies. I asked, “What if we were to see these cookies, talking amongst themselves, like a backstage, a video special, hearing their most unedited comments, foibles, concerns and vices?”

Here is the logo they came up with. I love it. The leaf as lips sets the product apart from others in the category. It is not copying what other brands are doing, using cliches, or listening to opinions that don’t matter. The client loved this because it is something different. Another thing that goes along with the infographics I showed above, the client displayed a spunky and alternative attitude. The redesign represents something that coincides with the mentality the brand already had. It is not a proper English cookie company pretending to have some attitude. I think it is important to not contrive edginess or uniqueness in a brand that does not see themselves that way. This is definitely not a sh***y brand.


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