Paper-made Type

13 Nov

Yesterday I was introduced to Communication Arts by my professor. She lent me the design annual and I could not get enough. I immediately went online and bought a membership to view more of the award-winning work. If you have any interest in design, there is absolutely breath taking photography, design, illustration, and advertising (also a discount for students).

I love typography and I am constantly on the hunt for unique ways to lay out type. I often try to create something without any images, just type. I think it is so much more interesting to be able to evoke some sort of emotion, or tell a story with only letters. Imagery is like needing pictures to tell a story, because the words can’t do the job.

What’s great about comm arts is that they feature artists. I came across Yulia Brodskaya. She is a Russian illustrator, but her medium is not print or even hand-drawn, but with paper. Literally taking the paper to make the illustrations. She takes her inspiration for origami, paper, detailed line drawings, photography, and typography.

Here is some of her work that I had to share. I have never seen anything like this. Making it out of paper, and combining illustration with words in this way looks so unique. She has worked for Neiman Marcus, Real Simple, Starbucks, Hermes, Wired, Target, and Martha Stewart, just to name a few. For more work visit


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