Jaw-dropping, inspiring, breathtaking photography

13 Nov

I know very little about photography. I am so jealous of people that have the ability to take a photo and not simply show the way something looks, but how something makes them feel. I must learn how to do this. When it comes to artistic skills, I think everyone should try something once, and if you want to have the title of art director some day (which I do), you should know everything. I don’t expect myself to become the best photographer, but I want to understand it on a more complex level.  I have spent the past few days completely dedicated to looking through Communication Arts annuals and they are so inspiring, I had to share some photos that I saw that took my breath away. There are hundreds more that I could fill an entire blog with, but here are a few that I though were compelling. These may seem like a disconnected and random selection, but I think they show both what is beautiful in the world, and what is not.


Photo by Michael J. Duva; created for Getty Images

Photo by Julie Platner, documenting the Haitian earthquake on Jan.12, 2010

Photo by Sherl Nields. Sarah Reinertsen, first female to complete the Ironman Triathlon World Champsionship, printed in ESPN The Magazine


Photo by Nick Brandt, for his photo essay titled "Out of Africa"

Photo by Lucas Oleniuk, documenting the aftermath in Haiti


Photo by Andy Green. Ad campaign for Stryker titanium replacement joints




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