13 Nov

I have had many blog posts simply based around my love and admiration for typography. My dream would to have any typeface I wanted at the tips of my fingertips. This is not the case, as I am a poor college student who can not convince her parents to spend money on pretty letters. Here are two portfolio websites I came across that focus on typography. One is Linzie Hunter, and the second is Jessica Hische. I love their work because it expands the spectrum of creativity with type. Their use of typography is not simply with serif and sans serif types, but hand-made creations that add personality and style. I think this stuff is great. There are many more on their personal websites so I suggest you go there if you like what you see.


Check out Linzie Hunter’s portfolio website. What I love about Linzie’s work is that it is very organic. Everything meshes together in a non-linear wonderful way. What I love about her site is that she shows her sketches for how she came to such wonderful work. I love seeing the process behind such interesting work.



Check out Jessica Hische’s website Jessica’s style is a little more traditional, but I love it just as much. She uses a lot of ribbon type, which I have seen a lot lately in Vanity Fair. Her work has this old-fashioned typography feel. I love the typeface Buttermilk shown below. I may just have to purchase that one. Jessica has had work published in just about every print publication ranging from Instyle, to the New York Times. Beautiful stuff.




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