12 Nov

I do not have a Twitter. I don’t think I have enough things to say in that few characters, or enough people to care. Just like any form of social media, I think there are both good and bad things. I think it is fascinating that Twitter can give a business a voice. I also like the connection between business and consumer; everything is much more transparent. But, I must say, I could care less what most people are doing right now. I would rather know what they are thinking and feeling.

Anyways, I stumbled upon this amazing infographic from Information Architects. It is called Cosmic 140 based on the 140 most influential Twitter users. You can look at Obama and what he said, or even the Dalai Lama. It tells a story, and what creator Oliver Reichen­stein hopes is that hundreds of year from now, it will be a piece of history that will have to be interpreted, like Egyptian ruins.

The entire black circle represents all of Twitter users. The circles inside are based around a person. say Barack Obama, and all of his followers. I think this is so cool to see what people are talking about and what they are saying. It is a solar system of conversations. It would be interesting to place this in context of historical events during this time period. Perhaps I will give Twitter a change, although, Lady Gaga held almost as big of a portion as President Obama.


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