World Creativity

6 Nov

I love to look at international design. I think that true creativity should not be limited by geographical barriers. I was reading the Mullen blog the other day and I came across The Creators Project.  According to the website, “The creators Project is a new network dedicated to the celebration of creativity and culture across media and around the word.”  It is a distribution of content It stared this year as as destination for creativity and a site for inspiration for the future. The website focuses on design, film, fashion, art, music, and gaming.

The Creators Project was created by Intel and Vice Magazine. A random combination but their reasoning is both to elevate international design. Vice was created in the 1990’s to showcase creativity that mainstream media overlooked. Intel processors are imbedded in nearly every computer, and their belief in a better future is the reason they are involved in the project.

There is a video on the website of Dentsu London , from Berg, a London design firm. He explores the future of media as it becomes more omnipresent. He believes in the future, everything can be a screen, like  a window display that changes. He also explores receipts as a form of customization, or screens when they are turned off. The analogy he uses for the future of media is that it doesn’t turn off, just as you expect a clock to always tell you the time, media will always provide you with information.

I love that there is a network of design to allow collaboration of ideas and a international think tank, wonderful!






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