3-D advertising…

6 Nov

In my advertising classes we discuss social media and how much things have changed for advertising and communication in general in the last few years. Where is it all going next? I was talking to my Dad the other day, and he doesn’t understand my generations need to always be connected with constant tweeting and facebooking and texting (I don’t understand it to some extent either). So where is communication heading? Advertising is becoming more personalized and the touchpoints which marketers use to reach a consumer are ever increasing.

This brings me to my topic for the day, 3-dimensional television, making television a more real part of your life. Is this where tv is going? Will there be little distinction between your room and the television you are watching? Possibly.

What are the barriers to this? It is expensive, audiences have to purchase a new piece of equipment, and possibly limited content. However, this year ESPN broadcast the World Cup in 3-d, and advertisers placed 3-d content.

From a creative perspective, 3-d content is exciting, something new and innovative that allows for that much more creativity. Imagine the Old Spice guy talking to YOU in your living room, or seeing the new Nike running shoe. Perhaps this would fix the declining appeal for consumers to watch television advertising.

This change  (if it does happen) will be very difficult. 3-d media costs about 40% more to create and there are only a few million 3-d television sets that are owned by consumers. Also, studies have shown that viewers do not want to watch everything in 3-d, but mainly sports and action content.

According to the Consumer Electronic Association, 3-d televisions will saturate 14 million homes by 2014. From a marketing perspective, I don’t think 3-d advertising goes with every brand. Just as consumers don’t want to see all content in 3-d, it also applies to brands. Here is a commercial by Sony advertising their 3-d televisions.


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