31 Oct

I first learned about Ideo when I was reading a Good Magazine article on ’30 Places We Want to Work’. Among one of my favorite advertising agencies (W+K), and shoe brand (TOMS), was Ideo, a creative consultant firm in Palo Alto, California. Ideo has done creative work for great brands like Apple, Seventh Generation, and Prada (random assortment, yes, but all huge brands that are shaped by their image). I was extremely curious and began to research some of their work. Wow.

Not only do they create wonderful brand identities for companies, they also are extremely invested in social innovation. Their projects range from clean drinking water, treating blind children, and other problems facing marginalized groups. What does this have to do with design? Everything for Ideo. They employ what they call ‘design thinking’, which is creating and innovating new ideas to motivate and help solve problems. As a way to address energy problems, Ideo has created a range of animated videos to show people how climate change will affect their life. They work work mental health clinics, speaking to the patients and addressing their fears.

They also do branding work and I love what they have to say about that. ” Effective brands transcend logos, advertising campaigns, and social media presence. Sure, images and messages are important, but the real power in brand today lies in creating dynamic, meaningful relationships with customers that evolve over time. The most successful brands start an ongoing dialogue with people–that through a compelling mix of seamlessly connecting products, services, experiences, spaces, and digital interactions–fosters curiosity, trial, love, and loyalty.”  They go on to talk about branding as a way to innovate, not simply saturate the market. This is where advertising, or good advertising, should be going. Here are posters made for a rehabilitation program:

I must agree with Good Magazine, seems like a pretty wonderful place to work.


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