Summer work published!

30 Oct

I have mentioned before that I had the wonderful opportunity to intern at Portland Monthly magazine this summer doing design work for them. Although I finished my internship in the beginning of September, my work is just now being published. The work cycle for the magazine was so fast paced. I worked on Flux, a student magazine published at the University of Oregon, last year. This magazine had about six designers and a fairly small book. At Portland Monthly, the book is about 80 pages and there are only two designers.

In school, there is a feeling of celebration and relief at the end of a term. The job is over and you can go on. But in the real world of creating a publication, the end of one issue, means the planning of the next should have already taken place and needs to be started immediately.

The pieces that I am most proud of from this job were the things I did on my last week of work. I thought of it as a final, but really it was a sign that I had proven myself enough to be trusted with larger tasks. Let me preface this by saying that I am obsessed with fashion. I understand that it can be interpreted as superficial and a waste of time, but to me it is fascinating and beautiful. Every time there was a fashion shoot for the magazine, I would ask to look at the proofs. I would stare at them and ask way too many questions about the process of a photo shoot. Eventually the art director asked me if I would like to art direct and design the fashion piece for the November issue.

He told me the shoot would be for a November trend and that we would find a model and shoot in a studio. I was so excited. In my mind, the whole process would take a long time, but with a deadline looming over our heads, the photographer was booked within a day, the stylist pulled clothes, and the model agreed. It took a matter of two days, and I was standing in a studio.

I felt a little weird directing people, seeing as how I was the intern. The art director said, “Renee, you’re paid to have an opinion.” And it hit me. Regardless of what job you are doing, people come to you because you have more knowledge than they do (or they think that you do). As a student, I definitely have an opinion, it is just difficult to always back it up entirely because I still have a lot to learn. This is my goal when I do have a job, to have an opinion and be able to back it up and stand behind it confidently.

Here’s what I learned throughout the summer: the “real world” is more fast-paced than school. More people rely on you. Have an opinion. If you want something, ask (I began asking for more tasks and staying later. Do something that you love (I wasn’t paid a dime and never thought about it. Except when I got a $40 parking ticket. Ironically for staying late.).

Anyways, check out the fashion piece that I worked on here. Here are two photos taken by Jim Golden. These are them before they have been edited (see the floor on the bottom of the first photo), and then after where the images are placed together. The concept was wearing the color camel two ways; one soft and feminine, and the other hard and edgy. The boots were $1,000 Christian Louboutins that were put on for the shot and never walked in to not scuff the bottoms, even though I desperately wanted to try them on. Being able to take the ‘November fashion trend’, to a trend, to a concept, and being able to implement our ideas collaboratively was a great accomplishment that I would love to do againl


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