Inspiring Mother

18 Oct

Last week, my creative strategist class had the opportunity to talk with Rob Baird, from Mother New York. His advice was very insightful regardless of what career path someone is choosing. He said to find people that align with you; this can be your creativity, the physical location, how hard they work, and their personality.  He said that you should thank everyone and be courteous. Basically, be nice and work hard.

After hearing this, and thinking about how Rob would chose to work alongside people similar to him, I was very interested in Mother. I came across their Stella Artois campaign. Baird discussed his research for this campaign and that he had to get into the mindset of a cool, hip, European in the 1960’s. The campaign is run in both the US and the UK. Here are some great print ads made out of Mother London, illustrated by Robert McGinnis.

McGinnis was a very popular illustrator in the 1960’s, creating movie posters for the Bond movies and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I love and admire his work. “Because Stella Artois 4% lives in the 60s Riviera, we tried to make the work look as genuine as possible, so it becomes a homage to that era rather than just a parody of it,” say Gustavo Sousa and Rodrigo Saavedra at Mother.

“Robert McGinnis is undoubtedly the best film poster illustrator of the 60s, and probably one of the best poster designers ever, so it wasn’t a hard choice. In fact, we had been referencing his posters when we started looking for illustrators, but we thought he was retired. Eventually we thought ‘what if we try it?’, and we decided to give him a call. Like we expected, he was retired, but to our suprise he told us he was willing to come out of retirement to do this project.” (This reminds me of another thing that Baird said; work with your heros. Amazing.) Images and quotes found at creative reviewer.


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