Whose Space?

15 Oct

This past fall Myspace announced their search for an agency to revamp their brand. This was a difficult task for any media genius to take on. Myspace was overtaken by other social media sites that provide a services that a user can not get anywhere else. Twitter allows immediate communication to millions of people. Facebook, while once just for Harvard students, then college students in general, then the public, overtook Myspace in social media interaction between friends. Myspace once was a place to find music and new artists. Myspace lost focus on this aspect and therefore lost their position in the spectrum of social media.

The goal of the rebranding was, according to Adweek, to create a consumer facing campaign to increase business. In June 2010 Myspace was suffering. Their users were 46.5 million, a 26% decline from one year prior.

At Warm Gun design conference in San Francisco, Mike Macadaan, Myspace VP of user experience and design, unveiled the new design. Macadaan’s explanation of the logo is, “MySpace is a platform for people to be whatever they want, so we’ve decided to give them the space to do it…If we really are getting into a place where you’re going to be able to show off what you’re into—or what it is you’re trying to get famous by—the logo needs to be a vessel, an empty stage. It can’t be a logo that is all about some big company that’s trying to express a whole bunch of their own philosophies.”


While I like the idea that a user of Myspace can do whatever they want, it completely disregards any positioning for the brand in social media. Myspace needs a directed identity and experience to bring itself back in the mindset of users. Even while viewing the video on Youtube, the first comment I saw was ‘what’s a myspace?’. No one cares. Myspace needs to give users a reason to use their site, because they obviously are not. Carve out a distinctive niche, like music. Myspace began as a music website, and transitioned to a boring tagline of ‘a place for friends’. Now it isn’t even a place for friends, just a place for whatever.


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