Good Advertising Doing Good.

15 Oct

This is part of a campaign created by Leo Burnett London for House of Cards, a campaign for UK’s housing charity called Shelter. The commercial was created in 2008 to raise awareness of the growing economic disparities. Cool inside fact, the voice in the commercial is actress Samantha Morton, who lived in a homeless shelter growing up.

The second part of the campaign was a deck of cards. Each designed by 53 leading artists and designers including Alexander McQueen and Damien Hirst. Here are some of the cards:

This amazing collaboration between incredible creatives working towards a cause did not go unnoticed. At the 2010 Cannes Lions festival this identity piece one gold. Here is the creative process as seen on “The mark was borne from the simple idea of creating a 5th playing card symbol—a House. These symbols were combined to form an H representing the ‘House’. The symbols were used right side up and upside down to support the cascading image of houses collapsing. A logotype was developed to work independently and with the mark. Having certain characters twisted/set upside down reflected the cascading idea as well as playing into the ambigram nature of cards and Avenir was used for it’s simplicity, directness and modernity. The black and red palette was a reference to both playing cards and the Shelter brand.”


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