A Learning Experience

10 Oct

I recently had an internship at Portland Monthly for design. It was a fabulous experience but also, a great learning experience. During class today I watched a Youtube video of Wieden + Kennedy creative team Eric Kallman and Craig Allen. They are the creative team behind the Old Spice campaign.

This campaign is a shining example of how the ad industry can overcome the difficulties of shifting technologies. Consumers have become bored with ad’s and either tune them out mentally, or find ways to avoid them. A solution to this, as the W+K team wonderfully executed, is to create compelling content. Their campaign has become a sought out piece of media in pop culture that demonstrates that consumers will listen if the content is smart.

Now back to me, as the campaign would say. I had the opportunity at my internship to illustrate people that had done amazing things in Oregon in a piece titled ‘Party People’. While I consider myself an artistic person, I do not consider myself an illustrator. I thought after the first time I struggled through this task, my boss would see my pain and inaccurate drawings, and not make me do it again. This was not the case. And although my skills improved each month that I reluctantly went through this process, I feel that I did not do many people justice.

My first time doing this, one of the people chosen was Eric Kallman. Eric, if you saw this, I am sorry. And Craig Allen, I am sorry you were not included. The other two from the W+K team that I drew were Jason Bagley and Iain Tait. I respect and admire the Old Spice campaign and it was an honor for me to attempt to illustrate you. For the full article from the magazine, click here.


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